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Optimum solutions in the field of debt collection, factoring, financing and legal services for businesses.

Legal services for businesses

The number of legal regulations concerning nearly every field of economic activity is constantly growing in today’s world. As a company develops, the contracts it signs become more complex, the financial responsibility increases and, consequently, so does the risk.

That is when situations that require legal assistance appear more often than usual. For most economic operators, hiring a lawyer represents a significant financial burden. An in-house legal department is not always capable of coping with the full spectrum of challenges and problems which the company may face. If the legal services are provided on a permanent basis, you can rest assured knowing that your business complies with the applicable law and that it is and will continue to be safe. You do not have to be concerned about appropriate security for the receivable and you avoid high contractual penalties. You can also obtain help in the negotiation of contracts as well as efficient supervision over the correct functioning of the business.

The legal services we provide allow you to rest assured and focus on generating profits for your business, knowing that all the aspects that may emerge in the company’s activity will be analysed by top-of-the-class professionals. Our experts prepare ready-to-use solutions to meet your individual needs. Ignorance of the law does not release one from liability. Not all entrepreneurs are lawyers, and even if they were, they should dedicate their time to running their business, not to resolving legal issues.

Third-party legal services are a great option, as they provide an unbiased tool. The detached point of view of a lawyer who is not emotionally involved in the dispute increases the likelihood of resolving it.

Outsourcing this service allows you to feel more comfortable from the psychological point of view, but also to save time and money. One-off legal advice or other services are much more expensive. It also takes third-party lawyers more time to establish all the circumstances in each case if they do not know the client.

“No company has either the time or the resources necessary to learn only from its own mistakes.”

James Harrington


Receivables management involves a number of carefully considered and calculated decisions protecting the business from losing liquidity.

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Legal services
for businesses

Stay safe, save money as well as time to focus on your core business. Remember, the day only has 24 hours.

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Factoring and

One of the key challenges any business faces involves finding and using sources of financing that match its plans and capacities.

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Although it seems obvious that a crisis within a business may lead to collapse, the visible symptoms of problems are often consciously ignored.

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Debt buying

A transport company had been struggling for months with debt collection. First problems also appeared with the payment of what it owed its contracting parties. Having analysed the receivables portfolio, Subra GRP Sp. z o.o. made an effort to interrupt the running of the statute of limitations, as the relevant period is only one year in the transport sector. Settlements signed with debtors and a lawsuit filed with the court successfully secured the creditor’s interests. The first funds that were recovered were used to repay the company’s oldest debts, and the efficient actions taken by Subra at the stage of the court enforcement proceedings led to the quick recovery of the remaining receivables. The company regained its liquidity and kept submitting invoices for monitoring on a systematic basis.

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