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receivables management

Optimum solutions in the field of debt collection, factoring, financing and legal services for businesses.

The simplest and quickest way of releasing funds tied up in overdue invoices is by selling the receivable.

In this manner, you obtain access to the money and you can use it freely for the purposes of your business. If the receivable is suitably documented and meets the conditions making it eligible for purchase, we make an offer to purchase it, allowing you to obtain the funds within a relatively short time. We make all efforts to make this a win-win solution for both parties, i.e. our client and the debtor. Valuation of the receivable is based mainly on the legal opinion concerning the documentation and on risk assessment. Obviously, each case is different, so the assessment criteria are adapted every time to match the individual transaction.

You can sell only one receivable, or more of them in bulk. This makes it possible to rapidly obtain funds, pay off your own debts, acquire new lots of goods, and implement investments.

This money gives you freedom of choice, so that you no longer have to choose what to pay first.

Sometimes debtors refuse to pay as a result of their contracting parties’ default. If this happens to you, however, it may be detrimental to your business, as you may lose discounts for timely payment and above all potentially lose credibility as a debtor. If you are interested in selling your receivables, please contact us to discuss the specific situation and the potential details of the transaction.

“If you’d lose a troublesome visitor, lend him money.”

Benjamin Franklin


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Business restructuring

A manufacturing and sales company, strongly impacted by seasonality, targeting its products at demanding high earners with specific interests; it used to be an industry icon at a certain point in the past. The market was dynamic however, and several large entities appeared, reaching customers with products that may have been worse in terms of quality, but cheaper and accessible for everyone. Their good marketing and PR strategies made our client’s market share shrink, and the revenues drop as a result; payment problems appeared, along with requests for payment and enforcement by bailiffs. The first thought the company had was “we’ve been through a lot already, we’ll cope this time too”. However, neither good intentions nor magical thinking managed to solve the problem. What they needed was to contact someone like us. It was hard work: changes were needed in nearly every single area within the company, but the management board cooperated with us, despite initial resistance. Eventually, we managed to restructure the business, calm down the situation, reorient activities and develop a good strategy for the future.

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