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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method.

Disputes can, in fact, be settled out of court, which is worth doing. The mediator’s presence encourages the parties to seek dialogue, confront their positions, and reach an agreement. The parties choose the technique themselves and play a particular role in an autonomous effort to find the most appropriate solution.

Consequently, mediation makes it possible to obtain an individual solution reflecting the true nature of the dispute, going beyond purely legal aspects. It gives the parties, including economic operators, an opportunity to settle the dispute amicably in a quick, affordable and final manner.

It also allows them to keep a good reputation and maintain their relations, all of which is important in business. Mediation contributes to reducing negative emotions and to understanding one’s own and the other party’s needs, thus allowing them to work together again in the future.

Alternative Dispute Resolution methods are more effective when it comes to compliance with the provisions of the agreements reached, as the parties that developed them feel more responsible.

The mediator encourages each party to consider the other party’s point of view and guarantees a level playing field for everyone in the conflict. One of the main rules of mediation assumes confidentiality, so your trade secrets are safe. Mediation works excellently in conflicts when long-term relations between the parties are important. It represents an effective solution when the parties want to find a quick solution, and at the same time preserve a good reputation.

Business mediation ending with a settlement makes it possible to end the dispute in a satisfactory manner and emerge from financial difficulties, as well as to maintain good financial performance and continue to work as the procedure goes on.

Business disputes settled with the help of a mediator may concern:

  • performance of commercial contracts,
  • debt collection from contracting parties,
  • real estate trading and investment processes,
  • corporate activity and restructuring,
  • bankruptcy and rehabilitation proceedings,
  • support for business contract negotiations.

If performed efficiently, mediation guarantees a procedure without formalities, with low costs and a guarantee of confidentiality. Every entrepreneur knows that obtaining payment for goods or services quickly determines not only the company’s profitability, but often also its survival. As the market is very competitive today, economic operators emphasise increasingly strongly the advantage related to refraining from disclosure of information in their circles about any disagreements they might have with their contracting parties.

ADR methods, including in particular mediation, are a remedy to litigation. Mediation is attractive for entrepreneurs due to its basic characteristics, namely the voluntary, unbiased, confidential, neutral and acceptable nature.

“Today, people around the world are in need of effective means to help manage and resolve conflicts in all aspects of their lives. Mediation has proven itself in the past to be a helpful tool in accomplishing this goal in a variety of situations and cultures.”

Ch. W. Moore, The Mediation Process. Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict, Jossey-Bass, 2003, p. 471.


Receivables management involves a number of carefully considered and calculated decisions protecting the business from losing liquidity.

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Stay safe, save money as well as time to focus on your core business. Remember, the day only has 24 hours.

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One of the key challenges any business faces involves finding and using sources of financing that match its plans and capacities.

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Although it seems obvious that a crisis within a business may lead to collapse, the visible symptoms of problems are often consciously ignored.

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Business restructuring

A manufacturing and sales company, strongly impacted by seasonality, targeting its products at demanding high earners with specific interests; it used to be an industry icon at a certain point in the past. The market was dynamic however, and several large entities appeared, reaching customers with products that may have been worse in terms of quality, but cheaper and accessible for everyone. Their good marketing and PR strategies made our client’s market share shrink, and the revenues drop as a result; payment problems appeared, along with requests for payment and enforcement by bailiffs. The first thought the company had was “we’ve been through a lot already, we’ll cope this time too”. However, neither good intentions nor magical thinking managed to solve the problem. What they needed was to contact someone like us. It was hard work: changes were needed in nearly every single area within the company, but the management board cooperated with us, despite initial resistance. Eventually, we managed to restructure the business, calm down the situation, reorient activities and develop a good strategy for the future.

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