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receivables management

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Receivable insurance

This protects the company if domestic or international contracting parties are in default with payment. Trade credit insurance also means effective receivables management, allowing you to select your contracting parties appropriately.

Insurers examine the creditworthiness and solvency of the insured’s contracting parties. The selected insurer sets the limits for the individual entities. If the specific contracting party fails to pay within the agreed date, compensation is paid up to the amount of the limit granted.

Insurance companies are under the obligation to analyse the solvency and creditworthiness of the insured’s contracting parties. The insurer gathers data concerning the payers using various information sources: available archives, payment history, records, financial reports, as well as information obtained from other economic operators. The information gathered in this manner is updated and analysed.

We rely on these fundamental data concerning the company’s activity to analyse its situation in order to determine the advantages and disadvantages of trade credit insurance. If insuring receivables is the right solution for the given entity, we start requesting insurers for quotations.

We then select the best ones and recommend them to you.

If any of the proposals is accepted, we take care to make sure that the relevant agreement with the insurer is signed. We are available to the you throughout the insurance period, looking after your interests.

“In the case of insurance, risk concerns the indeterminacy of future situations and events that may lead to the occurrence of loss.”

Tadeusz T. Kaczmarek, Ryzyko i zarządzanie ryzykiem. Ujęcie interdyscyplinarne, Difin, Warszawa 2005.


Receivables management involves a number of carefully considered and calculated decisions protecting the business from losing liquidity.

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Legal services
for businesses

Stay safe, save money as well as time to focus on your core business. Remember, the day only has 24 hours.

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Factoring and

One of the key challenges any business faces involves finding and using sources of financing that match its plans and capacities.

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Although it seems obvious that a crisis within a business may lead to collapse, the visible symptoms of problems are often consciously ignored.

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Debt buying

A transport company had been struggling for months with debt collection. First problems also appeared with the payment of what it owed its contracting parties. Having analysed the receivables portfolio, Subra GRP Sp. z o.o. made an effort to interrupt the running of the statute of limitations, as the relevant period is only one year in the transport sector. Settlements signed with debtors and a lawsuit filed with the court successfully secured the creditor’s interests. The first funds that were recovered were used to repay the company’s oldest debts, and the efficient actions taken by Subra at the stage of the court enforcement proceedings led to the quick recovery of the remaining receivables. The company regained its liquidity and kept submitting invoices for monitoring on a systematic basis.

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