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receivables management

Optimum solutions in the field of debt collection, factoring, financing and legal services for businesses.

Bartłomiej Pacia

Factoring and Financing Department

My experience in the receivables trading sector, spanning more than a dozen years, has taught me that there’s a separate story behind each case, and there’s no room for clichéd solutions. Working in business means encountering untypical situations every day, which require innovative solutions. Every client and every case represents a unique challenge for me, just like a crime mystery for a detective.

My goal in the negotiations is to seek to find a win-win solution and a compromise at the same time. However, it is not always possible to reach an agreement, so I use legal procedures to secure my clients’ interests. What motivates me in my work is the personal satisfaction I derive from finding a way out of the situation, as well as my client’s satisfaction.

I am lucky because I can rely on trusted and experienced co-workers. We support one another in our search for optimum solutions.


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Debt buying

A transport company had been struggling for months with debt collection. First problems also appeared with the payment of what it owed its contracting parties. Having analysed the receivables portfolio, Subra GRP Sp. z o.o. made an effort to interrupt the running of the statute of limitations, as the relevant period is only one year in the transport sector. Settlements signed with debtors and a lawsuit filed with the court successfully secured the creditor’s interests. The first funds that were recovered were used to repay the company’s oldest debts, and the efficient actions taken by Subra at the stage of the court enforcement proceedings led to the quick recovery of the remaining receivables. The company regained its liquidity and kept submitting invoices for monitoring on a systematic basis.

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