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receivables management

Optimum solutions in the field of debt collection, factoring, financing and legal services for businesses.

Michał Kosmacki

Legal Department

I decided to become a lawyer because looking for conclusive arguments had always fascinated me. After more than ten years in the receivables trading sector, I can say that I have acquired expertise in the field of conducting business disputes, bankruptcy and enforcement cases, contract law, and trade negotiations.

In every single case, the first thing I do is build the most advantageous strategy for the client. I’m not afraid of solutions people may find surprising, as long as they work. I leave digressions about doctrinal disputes and about the whole extensive body of judicial decisions to others, as I believe that clear, logical and coherent arguments are more important than lengthy procedural writs.

I am a lawyer because I like winning.

The cases we handle at Subra GRP allow our clients to win every single day.



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Debt collection

One of our clients from the shoe industry had an interesting business plan and an extensive network of contacts. Unfortunately, sometimes a good idea is not enough. The company lacked funds to purchase goods from its foreign supplier and to maintain liquidity. We accepted the challenge. The unique solutions we created and the fact that we succeeded in finding the right financial institution allowed the company to put the business idea into practice and develop the planned start-up. A few years have passed, and it now has a strong market position and dynamic development plans.

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