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Tomasz Makowski

Debt Collection Department

I have been working with Subra ever since it was established, and my experience in the field of receivables trading spans 10 years. In this period, I have developed particular expertise with regard to business debt collection, risk analysis and debt purchasing. In my work with clients, I focus on reliability and diligence. I am firm and consistent, on the other hand, when dealing with debtors. I look after the efficient functioning of the Debt Collection Department, making sure it performs up to the highest standards. What motivates me is the possibility of meeting new people face-to-face, and of constantly learning new things.

I am an economist by education, but I don’t like to follow common thought patterns and behaviour models. I like to go off the beaten track. My career in the financial sector allows me to use the knowledge I have every single day.

I believe that clients’ expectations can only be met by approaching them in an individual and flexible manner.


Warsaw Office:
Tel. no.: 22 299 19 76
Silesian Office:
Tel. no.: 32 307 46 45

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Debt buying

A transport company had been struggling for months with debt collection. First problems also appeared with the payment of what it owed its contracting parties. Having analysed the receivables portfolio, Subra GRP Sp. z o.o. made an effort to interrupt the running of the statute of limitations, as the relevant period is only one year in the transport sector. Settlements signed with debtors and a lawsuit filed with the court successfully secured the creditor’s interests. The first funds that were recovered were used to repay the company’s oldest debts, and the efficient actions taken by Subra at the stage of the court enforcement proceedings led to the quick recovery of the remaining receivables. The company regained its liquidity and kept submitting invoices for monitoring on a systematic basis.

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